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Here are some tips to make a smooth transition for your kitten to your family, and to help your kitten bond with you. Checkout the full list of guides on our website.


Cat Language

gestures, sounds, and movements

What their gestures, sounds, and movements mean. There are many more but here are a few:

  • Slow Blink. When your cat does a slow blink at you, they are saying they trust you. If you do the same to them, they will begin to trust you more and more.

  • Licking/Gentle Bite. This is another way of saying “I love you”. Cats love to groom and when they do this to you it’s like a kiss, showing their ultimate affection for you. This is what their mother did for them to show her love. The Gentle bite was/is another form of their grooming. It is also a way for them to say “I want your attention”.


  • Head Butting/Sliding against your leg. A form of affection towards you, or depending on how close to meal time it is, it could just mean “feed me please”.


  • Hissing/spitting noise. Normally it means they are upset or fearful of something.

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