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Here are some tips to make a smooth transition for your kitten to your family, and to help your kitten bond with you. Checkout the full list of guides on our website.


Correcting Behaviours 

Cats cant be trained like dogs, but they aren't a lost cause either!

Never scold, yell or hit your cat if they are doing something you do not want them to do, this just teaches them to be afraid of you and can create either an aggressive cat or a scaredy-cat.

Playing too rough:
Best thing is just walk away from them and ignore them if they are playing too rough with you.


Not using kitty litter box:
There is normally only a few reasons why this happens
1. Litter box is dirty
2. They don’t like the litter your using
3. You have a cat that has not been fixed (normally male)
You can also correct the issue by placing the kitten/cat in the room the box is in, and not allow them out till they have used the box. Keep repeating this as needed. Be sure the box is clean because cats are very clean animals, thats why they bury their secretions. Again never use harsh words or scold them even though you may be upset.

Jumping up on counters/scratching furniture:
Before, the teaching was to get a small spray bottle and fill it with water when you see them doing something you do not want them to do, then you just spray them. However research now shows that its best to use other positive reinforcement tactics. You can buy a product called Feliaway, its a product that has cat pheromones that you can spray on the area you do not want them to scratch. Make sure they have plenty of good scratching posts and pads.


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