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We have listed the most popular questions, but if you don't find the question you are looking for, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible .

Can I reserve a kitten?

Yes! Once you are selected, you can place a 30% deposit to reserve your kitten. Please note, the reservation fee is non-refundable and will be a part of your final purchase price. If you were placed in the paid waiting list, then your waiting list fee of $500 will be part of your 30% reservation deposit.

Is there a waiting list?

Yes! There is a deposit of $500 if you want to be added to the waitlist. Please, check our available kittens page first. If we do not have any available kittens at this moment, then we will have some coming soon. Contact us with your request and any other questions you may have in mind.The waiting list fee is non-refundable. We decide the sequence of choosing kittens according to the time of receiving the deposit. When you decide to adopt a kitten, please fill out this “Introduction Form” and contact us.

How can I pay?

We accept PayPal, e-Transfers, Bank Transfers & Wire Transfer. Visit our "Payment" page for the links. If you pay with PayPal, please include an extra 3% for the PayPal fee. Any fees that incur from using your selected payment method will be added to your invoice. Full payment must be received up to a day before pick up.

How much for a kitten?

Price for year 2022: Starts at $3200 CAD / $2600 USD (Dependant on Color).
As boutique breeder specialized in quality and a few selective colors, we put a lot of investment and effort into selecting our foundation cats for the most suitable matches for health, looks and temperament. Each litter receives different degrees of care during different phases of the breeding program, therefore, our price varies depending on the litter and each individual kitten. 

What vaccines will my kitten come with?

Panleukopenia, Rhinotracheitis, Calcivirus and Chlamydia - 2 sets of shots by rehoming date. Deworming twice, vet records and 4 weeks pet health insurance will be provided.

What should I bring when picking up my kitten?

A cat carrier. If you have a long drive home, we recommend you bring a small litter box and a bowl for water.

If I dont find a kitten I like in a litter, will me deposit expire?

Your deposit will never expire. It can still be used for future litters.

What will my kitten come with?

- TICA registration (after spay/neuter)
- Health records (Proof of vaccinations & Vet Exam)
- Sample of Food (Soft & Kibble)
- Contract & Health Guarantee
- A blanket that smells like mom & siblings
- Favorite toy
- Lifetime care support from Meow Genes

Are you a registered cattery?

Yes! All our cats and kitten litters are registered with The International Cat Association (TICA). We encourage you to go on their website, and see for yourself! TICA Registration: MEOWGENES (#42040):

Do you provide updates before my kitten comes to me?

Yes! We schedule a live video call every 2 weeks if you would like. We also send updates including pictures and videos all the time. Follow us on instagram (@meow.genes) to see the latest updates. 

When do I get the adoption contract?

Before you pick your kitten, we will send you the contract to be signed at same time as full payment is being sent. Before you send your reservation payment, we will share the adoption contract with you to read so that you understand the full terms and conditions before making the commitment. 

For reservation payment or waiting list payment, you will receive a separate agreement to cover it.

Do you ship kittens either locally or overseas?

Yes. Our cattery is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. For local delivery we can drop off your kitten within Halifax Regional Municipality. If you live in Nova Scotia but outside Halifax area, we can work out an arrangement for dropping off your kitten. You are always welcome to pick up your kitten in person as well. If you live in another Canadian province, we can send your kitten to you via Air Canada pet transport. If you live outside of Canada, we will have to arrange transport via an IPATA agent.

What’s your health guarantee?

It's a one year health guarantee from any life threatening genetic diseases.

Will my kitten be registered?

Yes! All our cats and kittens are purebred British Shorthairs and are registered with TICA. Your kitten will have its own TICA registration which will be released to you once your cat is spayed/neutered. 

When will the kittens be ready to go to a new home? What if I’m not ready by then?

It depends on a case by case bases. Some kittens will be ready after they are vaccinated and spayed/neutered (about 16-20 weeks). Some kittens can be sent home when they are 12-15 weeks old, making them too young spay/neuter. In that case you will be responsible for getting the operation done when your kitten is 5 months old, at the vet Meow Genes chooses. We will pre book the appointment for you before picking up your kitten. 

We can hold your kitten for another two weeks after they are ready for a new home, but it will become available to others exceeding the 2-week grace period.

What kinds of food do you feed your cats?

For our Mom and Dad, we feed them Royal Canin wet & dry food, and raw rabbit, to ensure their health and their coat looks its best. 
For new born kittens, we add kitty supplements to boost their immunity. As they grow older we gradually shift to Royal Canin dry food and wet food. We dont feed our kittens raw food as they are still too young and can pose a health risk for their developing stomachs. 

Why is there a difference in pricing based on kitten colors?

It’s a matter of supply and demand. We breed primarily rare golden/chocolate shaded kittens. They are not easy to find but are in huge demand.

I have paid a deposit/reservation/full payment for a kitten, but changed my mind. Can I get my money back?

Like all catteries, our cattery has a no-refund policy. So please ensure you are committed deciding to pay for a kitten. If after submitting any payment for a kitten, you have decided that you are not ready yet, please contact us as soon as possible and we will move that payment towards another litter.
Waitlist clients who have not reserved a kitten for any reason are put back in the waiting list automatically without losing their standing.


I want to receive the kitten sooner, is it possible?

For the well-being of the kitten and to ensure the re-homing is a pleasant experience for your family, we do not rehome kittens younger than 12 weeks old. We prefer to re-home kittens between 12-20 weeks old, depending on where you are located and on a case by case basis to allow them to naturally wean from their mother and socialize with their siblings and other adult cats.  Kittens that travel home by plane will be 16-20 weeks old. Meow Genes is the one who ultimately decides on the rehoming date.

How do I know your cattery isn't a scam?

A very important question you should always ask when searching for a kitten. Your first resource is TICA website. 

We encourage you to go on their website, and see for yourself! TICA Registration: MEOWGENES (#42040):

The second resource is the Scam protection guide that we made to help new kitten buyers stay protected.

Are your kittens pure breed?

Yes! All Meow Genes cats have a minimal 5 generations of pedigree, registered with TICA. Kittens born at Meow Genes will be registered with TICA, however, the certification of registration will not be sent to you until the kitten is spayed/neutered. If you receive your kitten before we are able to do the procedure, then you are responsible for it and agree to conduct the procedure when your kitten reaches 5 months old at the vet we chose and book for you. You will be able to register the kitten and order pedigree from TICA directly using the certification number we provide. TICA's certified pedigree is recognized by all World Cat Congress Member Associations.

Are your kittens litter and scratch post trained?

Yes! Our kittens learn how to do that from their moms while staying with them for the first two months of their life.

Is there a contract?

Yes! Because we truly care about the well being of our cats and kittens, we have a contract for all kittens we rehome.

Our contract ensures that cats are being placed with loving families who intend to provide the best care.
This legal document protects both buyer and seller and is required to be signed prior to picking up your kitten and making the final payment. Please review our contract before making any non-refundable payments to make sure we are the right fit for you and your family.


Some of the things you'll find in our contract include:
No declawing/demeowing
Cat must be indoor cat
Cage free home
Pet must be spayed/neutered by 5 months 
No rehoming or shelters (we will ALWAYS accept our cats back!)

If you make any payments to us, it means that you agree with the contract and the rules that we have established.

Can I visit you to see all the cats and kittens?

Being a breeder is completely different from being a cat owner. We quarantine our show cats after every show and contact to eliminate any possible risks, same happens after all of the vet's visits. It is a hard decision but clients can bring infections or viruses without even knowing it, and our operations have changed after COVID. Adapting to the new changes, we are not allowing in person visits, but we do use FACE TIME, MESSENGER, ZOOM and  for you to be able to see the kittens! 

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