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About Adopting a Kitten From Meow Genes

The simplified steps

1. Check if there are any kittens available on our "Available Kittens" page

2. If you find the kitten that you like, fill out our "Introduction Form", and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please be patient as sometimes we get an extremely large amount of inquiries to filter through.

3. If there are no kittens available you can join our paid waiting list to secure your spot by filling out the "Introduction Form". If you just wanted to be notified when a new litter becomes available, before making any commitments, then join our notification list here and follow us on instagram (@meow.genes) for the latest updates and adorable pictures.

3. Once you are selected, and you pick out the kitten of your choice, we will send you a copy of the adoption contract for you to read through and be familiar with. Once you have read through and agree to the conditions, you can pay your 30% reservation fee here. Once payment is received, your kitten is reserved!

4. We will schedule many video calls for you to watch your kitten grow and develop, and we will discuss all the preparations you will need to take to have your home ready for your kittens arrival.

5. Once we determine your kittens appropriate rehoming age (12-20 weeks dependant on a case by case basis), we will notify you. If you will not pick up your kitten in person, we will discuss arrangements to have your kitten sent to you.

6. On the final week before your kitten leaves the Meow Genes home and goes to yours, we will send you the contract and give you a signed copy. The rest of your payment will be due, depending on your payment method, it can be made up to a day before you pick up your kitten. We do not accept payment on the day of pick up as some methods take a few business days to be cleared by the bank.

7. With your kitten getting all its age appropriate shots/pills and a clean bill of health from the vet, your kitten is ready to leave the Meow Genes family and become a part of your family!

What to expect when you adopt from Meow Genes:

  •  You are buying a purebred British Shorthair kitten/cat which meets all the standards of the breed, and guaranteed to be socialized, healthy, litter box trained and registered with the The International Cat Association (TICA). Your new kitten will go through several veterinarian checkups before going to their new home, medical Records will be provided and all age appropriate shots & deworming will be given. 


  • Due to Covid and the high volume of requests, we longer allow home visits. Instead we can set up a video call to show you the kittens. If you follow us on Instagram (@meow.genes) you will also be able to see daily video and photo updates on our stories.


  • You can get on our paid waitlist anytime after filling out the introduction form. You will receive and waitlist agreement and a copy of the contract for you to read through and be familiar with before making any commitment. The fee for being on the waitlist is $500. Once we open up for reservations, the deposit to reserve your kitten is 30% of the total purchase price. If you have already paid the waitlist fee, then that payment will be part of your 30% reservation fee and you would just have to pay the remaining difference. Both the waitlist fee and reservation fee are non refundable, but they are transferable to another kitten or another litter down the road if  you decide at some point the kitten you picked is not right for you.  


  • You can pick your kitten up or we can deliver your kitten to you (HRM Region) when your kitten is ready (12-20 weeks). If Shipping your kitten, shipping fees are not included in the price, and your kitten has to be around 4 to 5 months of age,  at this age they can handle the stress of flying. Our kittens health and safety is always our number one priority and determining when your kitten is ready to leave is ultimately our decision.


  •  We do not offer our kittens with breeding rights. Your kitten will be spayed/neutered before rehoming. If your kitten is rehomed before we are able to spay/neuter, because the kitten isn't ready for the procedure yet, then you will be responsible for neutering/spaying your new kitten at the age of 5 months, and at the veterinarian of our choice. Once the kitten is spayed/neutered, it will be registered with TICA. You will then receive TICA registration within about 3 months of spaying/neutering. Please note that your cats TICA registration will not be released to you until your kitten has been spayed/neutered, for that reason we direct you to the veterinarian of our choice as we have a list of trusted businesses who we can rely on to perform the procedure properly and safely.


  •  Please be sure and read the "New Home Care" guides on feeding and how to care for your new kitten once it arrives at your home. There is a lot of info from care, tips and training on those pages.


  • Please read the adoption contract very carefully, as we do not offer refunds, and you are making an important life long commitment when getting a kitten.


  • Our price starts at $3200 and go up depending on the color and gender. 


  • We accept e-Transfers, Paypal, Bank Transfer & Wire transfers.  Please keep in mind the time it takes for the transactions to be processed. Wire transfers can take over 7 business days, so if you are planning to make your final payment using this method, you cannot do it a day before pick up. We add 3% to any PayPal payment to cover the transaction fees. Payment information can be found on our "Payment" page.

After reading all of this, if you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact us or visit our FAQ page.  If you want to leave a deposit on an upcoming kitten or be placed on our waitlist, let us know!

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