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Mommy & Daddy

The most stunning and perfect representations of the British Shorthair breed.

Princess | Golden Chinchilla NY12

Purebred British Shorthair Female

Princess is one of the finest examples of the famous Golden Chinchilla. Her pattern is the rarest, the NY12. Those beautiful green eyes, the golden glove paws, just some of what makes her so stunning. The NY12 is said to bring your household great success and riches! Ever since Princess was born, she had a reputation for having a big appetite, and it has only gotten bigger! We have never seen a cat love food as much as her. Not to mention her sounds, Princess is not afraid of letting you know she is around, she is more of a squeaky toy than a cat, ever jump she makes, every time we touch her, she makes the most adorable mini meow. She gets jealous when Coco Puff sits on our lap so she makes sure to sleep on us before he gets the chance. She is full of love and affection, the perfect mother.

Coco Puff | Chocolate

Purebred British Shorthair Male

Coco Puff is a very special boy. Everyone who sees him cant believe it,  "A chocolate cat!!?!",  but he is real! He looks exactly like a teddy bear, but we say "grizzly bear" since he looks more serious. But dont be fooled, he is nothing but cuddles and love. Coco Puff is the first lap cat we have had, which is surprising seeing as he absolutely hates being carried! But he loves nothing more than sitting on your lap, being pet and cuddled. Coco Puff comes from a very special line of extremely thick and chunky chocolate males, his grandfather, father and siblings all are award winning chocolates! Its the other thing that makes him stand out, his incredible size, and its not fat either, he body is all muscle! Shockingly he doesn't like to eat much, but judging from his thickness you would think he was the one with the massive appetite, not Princess. Thats how genetics play a crucial role, and we could not have selected a more perfect British Shorthair dad. Coco Puff & Princess were brought together as kittens, and Coco Puff was in love with Princess the moment he saw her!

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